Stamps 18th century

Initially, when Rörstrand was the only factory of its kind in the capital, 1730s-1758, the estate was marked with the signature Stockholm and often dated, painter's signature and sometimes price. When a second porcelain factory was started, Marieberg, the name Rörstrand began to be printed in full or abbreviated form.

Stamps 18th century

When Rörstrand began manufacturing objects in flintware, a pressed stamp with the factory's name was used, in capital letters or lowercase. These markings continued to be used throughout the 1800s until 1884. The company name also appears as printing in connection with certain designs. There may also be different combinations of numbers and letters pressed into the goods. These really have nothing to do with the dating, but can be designations for what the ceramic mass contains, which model the object is made in and so on.

Stamps 1884 - 2000

In 1884, Rörstrand introduced the so-called crown stamp, with the factory name printed in italics with the small national coat of arms three crowns around it. A legacy from the faience factory Marieberg, which Rörstrand owned between 1782-1788. This is the classic Rörstrand stamp that everyone recognizes and it was used with slight variations until the year 2000.

Stamps 19th century

In 1937, a stamp for tableware with three digits was introduced. The first two indicate the year in which the tableware was manufactured and the third in which part of that year. During the 1940s, the name Rörstrand was supplemented with Sweden, and in 1951 this was translated to Sweden.

Stamps 19th Century

In 2000, the factory introduces a new stamp, a crowned R. The marking is still used, even after the transfer of production abroad.

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