Our sustainability strategy

By being part of Stepping up Sustainability, the West Sweden Tourist Board’s joint initiative for a sustainable tourism industry, Rörstrand Museum is actively working to achieve the goals set by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

How do we make as little unnecessary impact on the environment as possible?
We choose to work with local businesses and sustainable Swedish materials as far as possible. Our exhibitions are made to last a long time and materials are recycled. All lighting has been changed to LEDs, made in Sweden. We have a travel policy promoting more climate friendly transport alternatives and we encourage our visitors to travel sustainably.

Photo: Daniel Ström

In our cafe the menu is decided in collaboration with Lokalproducerat i Väst (Locally Produced in the West), new energy saving machines have been installed in the kitchen, guests are served tap water, the menu changes seasonally and we take steps to reduce food waste.

How do we make the museum good for both residents and visitors?
Rörstrand Museum has been tasked with making the wealth of historic and cultural heritage
the collections represent accessible. This is carried out both in the museum and digitally. By working with the other businesses in the Rörstrand Center we jointly create an area for cultural experiences and shopping, for both residents and visiting guests, which is highly accessible.

We are an InfoPoint with information about lots of local attractions, which inspires guests to see and do more in the area. Through our temporary exhibitions and programme of activities we can work with both local art and culture practitioners and also show international contemporary art. We have a biennial Porcelain Festival, attracting many ceramics, art and crafts enthusiasts.

What do we do to attract visitors when and where it’s not full?

We plan our exhibitions, adapt our marketing and package experiences with other providers.

What do we do to secure more full time jobs and a more resilient business?

We are open all year round and work, for example, with Formakademin, the hospitality and catering course at the local college and Destination Läckö-Kinnekulle to ensure we have a highly skilled workforce.

Many thanks to Sparbanksstiftelsen Lidköping who made it possible to rebuild the museum’s premises and the new exhibitions.

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